Mozilla has reportedly released version 102 of Firefox. New features make Firefox the most secure browser in the world.

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Respect for privacy has been greatly enhanced in the new Firefox feature. The company removed the tracking parameters from the URL, with the addition of a new privacy feature to the browser, the online tracking parameters are automatically removed from the URLs.

It is interesting to know that Facebook, Marketo and HubSpot companies use custom parameters in the URL of websites that can be used to track users’ links and clicks.

The goal of these companies is to provide more personalized and unique advertising to users. With this feature, companies can obtain information from users’ searches and interests, and provide details and information to others.

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Firefox, the most secure browser in the world

According to the 9to5Mac website, Firefox offers its privacy capabilities over online tracking. To turn on this new feature, users can click on the Privacy & Security option in the browser settings and then enable the Strict option.

This new feature is now available in the Firefox browser as Query Parameter Stripping. The new feature is enabled by the user and after activating the tracker parameters, it automatically removes the ads from the URLs and increases the privacy measures.

The most secure browser in the world by activating Query Parameter Stripping

Note that if you want to use the new feature of Firefox browser in private mode, if you have been a user of this browser before, after activating Strict, the tracking parameters of the URLs will not be removed for you.

To enable this feature in Firefox privacy mode, you must first enter the phrase about: config in the address bar, then search for the strip option and select the option “privacy.query_stripping.enabled.pbmode” as shown above. Set to true.

Note that if you encounter any issues while working with the new Firefox privacy feature, you can reset your settings to the default mode and perform this process again.

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