in order to establish Starlink Internet in deprived areas This program is supposed to be equipped with a financial aid option, this news has also been confirmed by Elon Musk.

In the past days, there have been many discussions about Starlink Internet, these discussions are from Costs of this service in Ukraine taken up to It is active in Iran has continued A few days ago, Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, said about the Internet situation in Ukraine that the cost of providing Starlink service in Ukraine has reached tens of millions of dollars, so the Pentagon should cover these costs.

Of course, the CEO of SpaceX changed his opinion in a short period of time and announced in the news Free satellite internet will continue in this countryAlthough, according to some citizens of Ukraine, Starlink service is not free in this country. Elon Musk, although he said that he will not stop providing services in Ukraine, but now he has announced the desire of the company under his management to consider the option of financial donations by people in order to provide Internet access in deprived areas.

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Financial assistance for the supply of Starlink Internet in deprived areas

According to this feature, in fact, if it is not possible to access the Internet in a remote area and people intend to connect to the Internet in that area, in the future they can pay for such work directly with this feature and achieve their goal.

In fact, this issue started when Ham Seronjogi, the billionaire CEO of the fintech company Chipper Cash, tweeted about installing Starlink and achieving super high speed. satellite Internet published a news and mentioned Elon Musk in this tweet about his willingness to pay financial aid to equip schools and hospitals in Uganda with Starlink Internet.

Starlink Internet in deprived areas

After this incident, Elon Musk, in response to this tweet, raised a question about the willingness of others to provide financial assistance in order to provide Starlink Internet in deprived areas. This statement of Musk faced the reaction of the audience and users welcomed such an action.

Now Elon Musk tweeted about SpaceX’s intention to add a direction option Providing financial assistance to Starlink has informed. Therefore, users in different regions of the world can provide access to satellite internet for people in remote areas by donating money. These costs will probably be related to the sending of the kit, the monthly service fee and also the maintenance of this service.

Although it seems from the evidence that one of the main reasons for such a thing would be to raise funds for Ukraine, many rich and famous expats in the world are looking for high-speed Internet access for their countrymen. So maybe by providing this option, more people can get high speed internet and free access to information.

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