The fashion show in Tajrish market has received a lot of attention in social media and has had a wide reflection. Continue with this article to explore this issue further.

The published video of a female model walking in a dress without a hijab in Tajrish market has been widely reflected on Instagram.

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You must have heard the word “fashion show” several times. Since this word is English; Maybe you didn’t understand the exact meaning of it.

fashion show in Tajrish market; Walking young model girl for men!

In the literal translation, “fashion” means fashion, style, method and custom. The meaning of this word is that some people use a type of clothes, shoes, make-up, ornaments and hairstyles that are different from other people in the society and are gradually noticed by other people.

In this video, a young girl walks in front of the “Catwalk” bazaar in unconventional clothes like a clothes show, and the men cheer her on. Research shows that this video was recorded in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and not the Tajrish Bazaar of Tehran.

Watch the video below:

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