change The process of sending a tweet string on Twitter It is a new feature that this platform works on. Read details of this change and new functionality in Tekrato.

We have seen a lot of changes in the short time since Elon Musk bought the Twitter platform. Now it seems that The ability to send tweets on Twitter It is also one of the things that will change soon. Despite this feature, from now on, long tweets will automatically be converted into 280-character tweet strings. Since it is difficult for users to write a tweet string on Twitter, from now on this feature will automatically split long tweets into 280 character tweet strings.

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The process of sending tweets on Twitter becomes easy

The news about this feature was first published by the program’s researcher, Jin Manchun Wong. In explaining the ability to send a string of tweets in Tubebetter, he announced that in this feature, the Twitter editor will automatically convert the user’s text into several smaller tweets when the limit of 280 characters is exceeded.

  Sending tweets on Twitter;

In another tweet, he explained that Twitter intends to reduce the friction of threading. Of course, it is not clear when this feature will be available to users. But now, users for Create a tweet thread They should click the + button and then submit their next set of 280 characters.

Some time ago, some users had problems sending tweets. Among these problems, we can mention the long thread with 82 tweets about the crash of the FTX exchange. It seems that one of the reasons for simplifying the process of sending a new tweet thread on Twitter comes back to the same topics and long tweet threads. In addition to this feature, Twitter promised another feature called Notes for writing long texts, which has not yet been made available to users.

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