Reports indicate a widespread migration of technology talent to the UAE. This widespread absorption takes place through the three main industries in the UAE.

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According to tech and immigration activists, the ambitious digital incentive and expansion of startups in the UAE will lead to a significant influx of a number of IT talent from India to the UAE in the coming months and years. According to these reports, the massive migration of technology talents to the UAE could be to India’s detriment in the future.

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Reasons for the mass migration of technology talents to the UAE

It seems that the most important factor driving the flow of IT talent to the UAE is the procrastination and shortcomings of Indian companies in areas such as online education. This important factor has increased the desire of talents for the Persian Gulf countries. The three main industries in the UAE that attract large technology professionals are financial technology (FinTech), educational technology company (edtech) and healthcare technology (Healthtech).

Reasons for the mass migration of technology talents to the UAE

Currently, a large group of technological talents in India have migrated to Dubai and other parts of the UAE and are waiting for a response. A Ramachandran, founder and CEO of MyRcloud, which has many customers in the UAE, says:

We expect the acceleration of elite migration to increase significantly in the future.

The UAE is currently witnessing a major influx of technology talent from India, and the pattern of significant inflows of Indian IT talent into the UAE is also being considered by senior executives.

Recent actions by the UAE government, such as granting gold and long-stay visas to independent contractors, including IT industry contractors, are said to be other reasons for attracting technical talent, especially at senior and senior levels, from India. As a result, it seems that the less facilities a country provides to its talents, the less it has a chance to grow. Zara Biotech founder Najib bin Hanif says about attracting technology talent and startup entrepreneurs to the UAE:

Initiatives of the UAE Government in providing long-stay residence visas for freelancers; Also, cost-effective and convenient packages for launching startups play an important role in the migration of IT talents to this Persian Gulf country.

It is the right of intelligent and talented people to live in a society where their work and knowledge are valued, and India must think of a solution to this situation and support its talents before it is too late.

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