The expansion of Apple’s supply chain and the number of companies that provide the necessary parts for iPhone phones may be able to solve Apple’s problems in the production of phones.

Apple is gearing up to begin mass production of its iPhone 14 series in the coming weeks, and plans to finish it before the official unveiling of its new smartphones this fall. However, since the company has been facing supply chain issues, in order to do so, it needs to increase its list of suppliers for the production of the iPhone 14.

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Expanding Apple’s supply chain

According to renowned iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter, SG Micro’s components have recently received quality certification for the high-end iPhone 14 models. As a result, this Chinese company that manufactures integrated circuits has been added to the list of Apple suppliers to supply the necessary parts for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

SG Micro’s integrated circuit that controls the battery and level shifter will be used by Apple in iPhones this year. According to Ko, this is the first time that SG Micro company supplies the necessary parts for Apple’s advanced products. This will increase the sales of this Chinese company and help Apple to release the iPhone 14 faster.

Also, this analyst stated that the transaction with SG Micro indicates that the technical capability of this company’s chips has reached level 1, because this capability is necessary for parts used in expensive and advanced electronic gadgets. In addition to this Chinese company, Apple partnered with new vendors earlier this year to supply iPhone 14 Pro camera parts.

Expanding Apple's supply chain

China’s COVID-19 quarantines in May caused a three-week delay in iPhone 14 production. The delay had a big negative impact on the iPhone 14 Max (the new 6.7-inch mid-range model expected to replace the iPhone mini).

Kuo also pointed out that the mass production of the iPhone 14 will cause Apple to face supply chain problems. However, the analyst believes that these problems will have a limited impact on the supply of new phones. Because before the official release of its new products, Apple has enough time to order and supply the necessary parts for the production of a large number of these devices.

However, due to the lack of chips, it is possible that the initial supply of the iPhone 14 will be limited. Also recently, shortly after the launch of Apple’s new laptop last week, expectations for the release of the new MacBook Air M2 until late August have been lowered. In the past, other products of this company such as iPad have faced such problems.

Four new iPhone 14 models are expected to be announced in September. According to the published news, the Pro models of this phone are going to be released with a different screen.

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