Elon Musk’s decision to Monetizing Twitter Blue Tick and increase Blue Twitter service subscription fee It has faced many reactions. This topic Erdoğan’s reaction to Twitter Blue’s expense brought along

Erdoğan’s reaction to Twitter Blue’s expense It is considered interesting for many. Because Erdogan has said that because of this issue with Elon Musk Enters into negotiations. Erdogan wants to get paid Blue Twitter service Set it to zero for users.

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Erdoğan’s reaction to Twitter Blue’s expense

Elon Musk After buying Twitter, as one of its first programs for this social network, it announced that Blue service costs $20 for users, and later increased this figure to monthly. 8 dollars reduced This issue was met with a lot of reaction from users, and even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he may negotiate with Musk to avoid paying the $8 monthly fee for users to receive the “authentic” badge.

Last week, Musk finally bought Twitter in a deal worth $44 billion, saying the company would charge $8 a month for the Blue service, which includes the much-loved blue verification sticker. According to Reuters, Erdogan said in an interview with Turkey’s ATV TV channel that he might discuss the issue with Musk.

Erdoğan's reaction to Twitter Blue's expense

“It might be different for us,” Erdoğan said when asked about the new change to the Blue service. And then jokingly added:

“We could have had diplomacy with him.”

This blue checkmark displayed next to a username on Twitter means that the social network has verified the original account belonging to that person or company. However, more than 80% of Twitter users polled said they would not pay for the badge. About 10 percent also said that they just want to Pay $5 are on the moon

Musk also said that subscribers who receive the blue sign will be prioritized for replies, mentions and searches, and will also be able to post longer videos and audio files. Also, half of the social network ads are displayed for them.

Among Elon Musk’s other programs for Twitter, it is possible to provide the button Edit tweets for free for all users and also The ability to publish paid videos Cited.

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