SpaceX satellite internet company news of Equipping airplanes with Starlink Internet has given This service is supposed to be with Starlink Aviation Get on planes.

SpaceX has announced that Starlink satellite internet service will soon be available on selected aircraft Official launch of Starlink Aviation It will be available next year. This service claims that the internet speed up to 350 Mbps will offer on any plane equipped with an Aero terminal, which they say will be good enough for video calls, online gaming, “and other activities that require high Internet speeds.”

It’s certainly a big leap from the regular high-speed internet offered by most in-flight Wi-Fi hotspots. OneZero reports that most flights use air-to-ground systems that max out at about 10 Mbps per flight (and only work on the ground and fail over water). While current satellite systems will typically have internet speeds between 30 Mbps and 100 Mbps. As these speeds are per aircraft, actual speeds may vary depending on the number of passengers using the internet on each flight.

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Equipping airplanes with Starlink Internet

The support pages on SpaceX’s website claim that its Internet connections will be available with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds throughout the journey, including takeoff, ground and water flight, and landing. “Starlink Aviation will have global coverage,” reads the FAQ section. Because satellites travel in low Earth orbit, there are always satellites overhead or near them, providing strong signals at high latitudes and in polar regions, unlike geostationary satellites. It is expected to launch in mid-2023.

Aviationonline reported that on a recent test flight, Starlink Aviation could Internet speed 100 Mbps provide The test was conducted on a flight between Burbank and San Jose, California, by JSX, which announced in April that it would be one of the first airlines to adopt in-flight Internet service.

Equipping airplanes with Starlink Internet

In September, JSX CEO Alex Wilcox said he expected the service to be available to passengers this month, and that each of the company’s planes would be equipped with the system by the end of the year. Hawaiian Airlines also agreed to equip its planes with Starlink Internet in April, and its installation is expected to begin next year.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has long been tight-lipped about the company’s plans in the field Equipping airplanes with Starlink Internet has spoken In March 2021, SpaceX submitted an application to the Federal Communications Commission to allow the use of Starlink Internet on mobile platforms. “This license is for planes, ships, big trucks, and RVs,” Musk tweeted shortly afterward. Since then, it has offered Starlink Maritime for boats and Starlink RV for motorhomes.

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