the first Epic Games based NFT game named Blankos Block Party Released. This game was first released as a test in 2020.

Blankos Block Party game Developed by Mythical Games, it is now available on Epic Games, and Mythical Games claims that it currently has more than a million gamers.

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Introducing Epic Games’ first NFT game

Mythical Games announced in June that it plans to play the game Blankos Block Party into the Epic Games store this year. Gala Games previously announced that the Grit shooter would be the first Web 3 game on the platform, but it remains unavailable.

Blankos Block Party allows users to collaborate in a colorful online game world. Blanks game environment is inspired by vinyl toy style. Blankos Block Party game tokens will be used to buy avatar designs and accessories in the game. Gamers can purchase their desired items by preparing NFT Blanks.

Blankos Block Party has collaborated with many brands since its launch. Atari and BlackBerry can be mentioned among these brands. Blanks has also collaborated with famous musician, Deadmau5.

Epic Games' first NFT game was introduced

Users need to prepare to play in Blanks Block Party NFT do not have NFTs are blockchain tokens that represent ownership of an item, including merchandise within video games (such as characters, weapons, and virtual lands).

Epic Games Store had more than 194 million users by the end of 2021. The company has taken a different approach than its biggest competitor, Valve. Valve’s market police announced last fall that developers would not be able to publish at all NFT games And blockchain won’t be on Steam.

In response to Valve’s claims, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said: “The Epic Games platform had no plans to use NFT or Web 3 technology, but the studio allows other developers to do so if they follow the rules and guidelines.” market, use this technology in their games”.

Epic Games Store welcomes games with blockchain technology; Provided that these games comply with the relevant rules, disclose their conditions and have appropriate age groupings.

The version of Blankos Block Party released today on the Epic Games Store is functionally identical to the playable version on the game developers’ website. The full and final version of this game will be available on September 28, 2022 with additional content.

Blankos Block Party runs on the Mythical Studio platform. This platform is based on the blockchain protocol Ias (EOS.IO) is built. This network is also related to NFT Ethereum. Mythical will also develop several other games, including NFT Rivals. The company’s value increased by $150 million last November. Mythical Studio’s total enterprise value is currently $1.25 billion.

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