Due to the Elon Musk was threatened by the American senator Massachusetts, Musk has been suggested to fix his companies instead of fighting online.

Senator Ed Markey from the state of Massachusetts, USA recently Elon Musk requested that new policies Twitter authentication to explain and has faced the sarcastic reaction of this billionaire. Now considering that the Democrats have the majority of seats in the Senate and Markey is the member below Communications, media and broadband committee However, it’s likely that representatives will move sooner to hold Twitter and its wealthy owner accountable.

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Elon Musk was threatened by the American senator

Now witness the threat Elon Musk by the American senator, and Markey reacted to the richest person in the world in a new tweet and announced that he should either personally reform his companies or US Congress It will do.

Earlier Ed Markey The American senator tweeted about Elon Musk on Friday Twitter Blue’s new service Including blue tick It is possible to raise a criticism. In this post, he made comments about how a Washington Post reporter was able to create a fake account for Mr. Markey and receive a blue tick with the Blue service: “Twitter needs to explain how this happened and how the company intends to stop it.” prevent its recurrence”.

Elon Musk was threatened by the American senator

“Maybe it’s because your real account looks like a parody,” Musk responded. An hour after this reply, he wrote in another tweet: “And why does your profile picture have a mask?” He is referring to the image of Senator Markey in which he is seen with a mask on his face.

It should be noted that Twitter under the ownership of Mask changes in Blue service Self-applied that allows users to pay monthly $8 blue tick to receive Although this service was stopped two days after its launch, in the meantime, a large number of fake accounts have gained access to Blue Tick by impersonating the accounts of well-known figures and companies.

Sarcastic answers Elon Musk Ed Markey didn’t like it and he explained the problems of Elon Musk’s companies in response: “One of your companies is subject to the FTC’s consent order. The NHTSA is investigating another company for killing people, and you’re spending your time arguing with everyone else online. Fix your companies or Congress will.”

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