The result of Elon Musk’s survey for Trump’s return to Twitter what were? Do people agree with Trump’s return to Twitter? Read it over and over again.

Mylan Musk; The new owner of the Twitter platform has tried to make changes in this social network in his recent actions. Among the strange actions of “Elon Musk”, the new CEO of the company and social network Twitter, we can mention earning money in different ways in this network. These actions also affected some user accounts. Some time ago, the Twitter account of the former President of the United States was disabled by previous officials, and now the witness Elon Musk poll for Trump’s return to Twitter Are.

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Elon Musk’s poll for Trump’s return to Twitter

Managers and former officials of the Twitter platform, on January 6 last year, in an action Trump’s account was blocked. The blocking was in response to Trump’s provocative statements about lying about the rigging of the presidential election and encouraging supporters to attack the US Capitol. Now the new owner of this platform asked people in a poll on his personal page Trump’s return to Twitter Participate. The new manager of Twitter has recently published the results of this survey.

Elon Musk's poll for Trump's return to Twitter

Of course, it is worth noting that many crises have arisen on Twitter since Musk took office. Provisions such as Dismissal and resignation of employees And Opposition to remote work It also seems to be one of the consequences of these crises. Many consider the future of Twitter close to collapse and bankruptcy.

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