As the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk is making changes to the platform. Half of Twitter’s employees were fired One of these changes! Read it over and over again.

Elon Musk seems to be looking for some serious changes on the Twitter platform. This popular platform has now undergone changes and comments from its new owner. Half of Twitter’s employees were fired which will be about 3700 employees, is one of the changes that are happening. Also, Elon Musk, looking for a way to earn more money, has monetized the blue tick on this platform!

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What is Musk’s goal by firing half of Twitter’s employees?

Elon Musk, who recently took the helm of Twitter, now calls himself as The new CEO of this platform has also introduced At the very beginning of the purchase of Twitter, Musk talked about layoffs. Now it seems that Elon Musk wants to reduce the forces of this platform by firing half of Twitter’s employees. Twitter will lose 3,700 employees after this layoff.

  Half of Twitter's employees were fired

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Twitter force adjustment This will be done on Friday. Employees who are on the layoff list will receive unemployment benefits for 60 days. Bloomberg wrote in his report that after this layoff, the number of Twitter employees will be cut in half.

Remote work on Twitter is over!

It is interesting to know that Elon Musk in the past few years Fierce critics of telecommuting have been. There have been rumblings since Elon Musk bought Twitter to eliminate the platform’s employee telecommuting plan. Now Musk has decided to end the telecommuting policy for Twitter employees “forever”.

50% force adjustment Much better than expected. Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, there were reports that the intention 75% force adjustment informed by the mask. Later, he denied this news, but this denial did not mean giving up the retrenchment.

Even now, reducing the number of employees is one of his main priorities. Musk started this adjustment from top executives. He fired former CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and several other Twitter executives immediately after signing the deal to buy Twitter.

Among other changes that the new owner of Twitter will make on this platform, the cost of the Twitter Blue subscription service is $8 per month. In addition, tweet editing will soon be available to all users. Time will tell if the changes made in this popular medium will have a positive or negative impact.

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