Musk has previously hinted at plans to lay off employees if he buys Twitter, but the cuts could even include Laying off 75% of Twitter’s workforce to be

According to a new report from the Washington Post, Musk intends to Laying off 75% of Twitter’s workforce or about 5600 employees has the If Musk’s vision for a workforce-optimized platform comes to fruition, Twitter will be forced to lay off large numbers of its current employees.

Between broader economic factors and ongoing criticism of Twitter for not delivering on its promises (at least as far as investors are concerned), there’s the point that Twitter has always intended to cut its workforce.

But cutting three-quarters of the staff is not what most people had in mind. The Washington Post noted that Twitter previously planned to cut about a quarter of its workforce, but laying off a quarter of the workforce in general is a different situation than what Elon Musk intended.

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Elon Musk fired 75% of the Twitter workforce!

It is necessary to mention one point here. While Musk has reportedly described his aggressive plan over the past few months, there is often a gap between his words and reality. The mask is possible Laying off 75% of Twitter’s workforce Of course, the investor or CEO who is the richest person in the world is not going to make more money by paying annoying salaries! But it’s also possible that Twitter won’t be able to function as well as it once did, even by laying off a large portion of its workforce.

Laying off 75% of Twitter's workforce

Musk clearly lacks a basic understanding of some serious issues facing the company, some of which can only be solved by investing more in key areas. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla was willing to rely on former Twitter security chief-turned-whistleblower Peter Zatko for a decent amount of time, but some of the extreme security and safety needs that Zatko brought up certainly need to be removed. The whole company will not be dissolved.

Musk is also less aware of another sector in which a lot of human labor is involved. This part is related to the field of content production, which has less than a frugal algorithm. Of course, if Musk insists on his intentions, trust and safety are likely to face deep problems.

Also, another entirely plausible scenario is that the 75% number is just another ploy he came up with to sway whoever he’s negotiating with, like some banks. With Twitter’s current workforce more stressed than ever, layoffs are inevitable.

it is necessary to mention Musk’s policy of retrenchment, is the implementation of the “batch ranking” system in Twitter’s workplace to reduce the number of employees. This method was removed from Microsoft’s work system in 2013 because statistics showed that it led to the creation of an inappropriate culture in the workplace. The deal to buy Twitter is expected to be back on track after months of Musk’s turmoil and will be concluded by October 28.

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