Dramatic drop in Twitter revenue It happened after Elon Musk took over the ownership of this company. The issue that Ilan disclosed is now in the headlines of the news media.

With the acquisition of Elon Musk as the manager of this company, many events and rumors happened. The youngest richest man in the world has now admitted that Twitter with loss of income has faced

There are many reasons for the significant drop in Twitter’s revenue, but Musk’s claim is on the activities of advertising activists, which has caused the drop in Twitter’s revenue.

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Dramatic drop in Twitter revenue

Several reasons have caused the drop in Twitter’s revenue, but the CEO of this platform believes that Activists have pressured advertisers to stop advertising on microblogging services such as Twitter.

Dramatic drop in Twitter revenue
Twitter revenue drop

Elon has only stated that this company has faced a drop in income compared to previous years, but has not said anything about the amount of drop in income. As we have already said, the amount of fans twitter After the appointment of Musk as the management of this company, it is much less than before.

Among the companies that used to advertise on Twitter and have now stopped advertising, we can mention General Motors, Audi, General Mills and IPG.

Elon Musk, who promised freedom of speech on Twitter and believes that no changes have been made in the tweeted content after his appointment, has now seen many companies withdrawing from advertising on this medium.

Ilan says that he has tried to stop the efforts to destroy the freedom of speech in America and therefore he does not accuse his activists, he also believes that he has done everything possible to assure his active users to leave this platform. not to go out, but unfortunately, contrary to these statements, it happened.

Elon Musk Regarding the significant drop in revenue, Twitter has announced that:

Twitter has seen a sharp decline in revenue due to pressure from activist groups on advertisers, even if nothing has changed with content moderation. We have done everything we could to satisfy the activists. They are trying to destroy free speech in America.

The current state of Twitter

Twitter, which has seen many of its followers drop over the past few weeks, has now accepted this issue and is ready to make it official.

Dramatic drop in Twitter revenue
Elon Musk

With the start of Musk’s activity as the owner and CEO of this platform in the virtual space, many senior managers of this company have either been fired or have withdrawn from Twitter, this caused the anger of many users and caused them to leave this medium. did

In addition to all these events, now the witness Twitter revenue drop We are, an issue that Musk himself admitted to. The withdrawal of advertising companies from this platform is not a permanent move and is expected to be only for a short period.

The above companies claim that now that the platform has new leadership and are waiting to see how things will turn out on Twitter, these well-known companies should be concerned about their reputations if being on Twitter is risky.

People affected by Elon Musk’s presence have reacted to their dismissal and inactivity. The majority of Twitter employees have now moved to the Federation of Social Networks due to the dramatic drop in Twitter revenue, and have also sued Musk.

By implementing his new policy on Twitter, Musk will cause polarization in this medium, which can cause a lot of revenue loss and this popular platform will witness the departure of the majority of its users.

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