Story Dorf’s complaint against Apple Raised. Dorf considers Apple’s claims to be false and threatened the company with App Store policies.

Dorf’s complaint against Apple It started since Apple claims that Review applications raised within 24 hours. Dorf is one of the serious critics Apple Policies and threatened this company with legal action. Dorf is unhappy with the App Store’s policies, and if things go this way, he will sue Apple.

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Dorf’s complaint against Apple in an official statement

Pavel Durov CEO of Telegramsaid in a statement that the messenger’s latest update, which included Halloween surprises, was due to the team’s lengthy review process. App Store, has not yet been published. Doroff, a staunch critic of Apple’s policies, has implicitly threatened to take legal action against Apple if the situation persists.

CEO of Telegram “Apparently no one wants it but us,” he quips to Apple [هالووین را] Let’s celebrate.” He claims more than a week since the most recent registration Telegram update in App Store goes on; But this update is not available yet. Doroff says that Apple has not specifically said why it does not allow the release of a new version of Telegram.

Dorf's complaint against Apple

Pavel Durov noted:

Apple claims to review applications in 24 hours; But based on our experience, it takes 7-10 days for the product update to be released on the App Store. My friends who own smaller apps say it’s worse for them. They have to wait for more than a month for their users to deliver the software bug fixing files to the Apple platform.

According to CEO of TelegramPositive changes are coming. Tomorrow, a new set of rules titled Digital Markets Act It enters the implementation phase in the European Union. According to Pavel Durov, this news-making law can prevent the abuse of companies like Apple and Google Prevent.

Pavel Durov from all Developers It invites them to “rely on the Digital Markets Act to protect themselves and their users.” The CEO of Telegram is one of the developers who worked with App Store and Play Store policies have a problem, he has invited them to send a message to Durov through the company email.

CEO of Telegram With an indirect threat, Apple says:

It’s up to Apple to decide whether to spend its resources on improving the app review process or paying a fine.” In the last part of his message, Pavel Durov left a meaningful sentence that is not unrelated to Halloween; But it has become reactive: “It’s time to fight the demons.”

Dorf's complaint against Apple

This is not the first time that Pavel Durov has spoken to Apple’s policies in particular Appstore online store It shows a critical reaction. Looking to add Telegram this August New emojis It was titled “Talmuji”; But Apple did not allow it to be published. At that time, the CEO of Telegram considered the request to remove Telmoji as a surprising and confusing move; Because, according to him, Telemoji could add a completely new aspect to Apple’s low-quality static emojis and significantly enrich the company’s ecosystem.

In recent days, Pavel Doroff has accused Apple of “destroying the dreams of entrepreneurs”. Dorf 30% commission App Store considers it unfair and says that Telegram was forced to because of Apple’s policies Paid posts feature remove from the iOS version. According to Doroff, Apple has a monopoly on the trillion-dollar market and is trying to pocket a large share of developers’ revenue.

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