Dogecoin was the most popular cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market yesterday. This Meem Quinn has become the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market with 13% growth.

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Dodge Quinn had a stunning performance yesterday. This popular Meem Quinn was able to successfully break his resistance levels. DogeCoin is likely to successfully overcome the resistance ahead.

At the time of writing, Dodge Quinn is in the range of its 50-day moving average. Dodge trading volume was acceptable at the beginning of the new trading week, so DogeCoin is likely to grow further.

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Dodge Quinn, the most lucrative cryptocurrency on the market

Dodge Quinn became the most profitable cryptocurrency on the market with 13% growth

The main reason for the increase in the price of memes such as Dogecoin and Shiba InuInvestors are urging themselves to be exposed to risky assets instead of buying stable cryptocurrencies such as Atrium. In the last nine days, Dodge Quinn has grown by 50%, making Dodge Quinn a stunning statistic the second most profitable asset of the week. The first rank belongs to STEPN. The ciphers grew 100 percent over the past week.

Will the DogeCoin Rally continue? After Dodge Quinn became the most lucrative cryptocurrency on the market, many people began to analyze the cryptocurrency chart. Unfortunately, the only indicator that may indicate strength in the Dodge Quinn trend will be the Decending Volume Profile. According to this indicator, if new funds do not flow into Dogecoin assets, we may see a reversal in the coming days or weeks.

Dodge Quinn became the most profitable cryptocurrency on the market with 13% growth

Other trend indicators, such as the relative strength index, indicate that the DOGE has entered a short-term uptrend and there is still no sell-off in its uptrend. In the midday timeframe, this meme quin crossed all the resistance on the chart and now faces the 50-day moving average (EMA) resistance. Dodge Quinn hit the average once in May. At the time of this writing, the Dodge Quinn is priced at $ 0.07.

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