A few days ago, Elon Musk officially became the owner of Twitter with a contract worth 44 billion dollars and started extensive changes in this program. These changes now with Dismissed employees complain about Elon Musk has encountered

Expect massive changes in Twitter from the very beginning of the discussion Purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk There was and it was immediately after the purchase of Twitter that he made changes in the structure of Twitter’s operation, some Senior Managers It fired the popular platform.

But the circle of dismissals and retrenchments was not limited to a few senior managers and effective members, and rumors indicated Elon Musk’s desire to fire 75% of Twitter employees. Although this was denied by Musk, he instead plans to lay off 50% of Twitter’s workforce Including 3700 employees started Now the letter of dismissal of these employees has been received, but it seems that these people do not intend to leave Twitter without any protest and plan to file an official complaint against Elon Musk.

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Dismissed employees complain about Elon Musk

The fired employees claim that their firing process was done suddenly and without prior notice, and this is illegal US Federal and California State Laws Is. As a result, the fired employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday. Twitter has announced in an email to its employees that the company will fire all of them on Friday.

The reason for this action of the mask is actually an attempt to Reducing infrastructure costs And pushing Twitter towards monetization. The Federal Workers’ Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act prevents large companies from making mass layoffs without at least 60 days’ notice.

Dismissed employees complain about Elon Musk;  Will the new owner be a court?

Accordingly Twitter employees They are seeking to oblige Twitter to comply with the aforementioned law by relying on this law. Shannon Lees Riordan, the attorney who filed Thursday’s lawsuit, said in an interview: “We’re trying to get this lawsuit to the end so that employees understand that they don’t have to give up their rights and that they can get their rights through legal means.” .

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