Some security researchers of ESET company news of Discovery of three major security bugs in Lenovo laptops They have given that currently Lenovo has no solution for one of them.

Lenovo says this Three vulnerabilities in his laptops They can disable the secure boot system. According to Lenovo, two vulnerabilities will be fixed with a software update, but the Chinese company has no plans to fix the third vulnerability.

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Discovery of three major security bugs in Lenovo laptops

One of the security researchers of ESET company noticed some time ago that some Lenovo laptops suffer from UEFI damage and a new collection including three similar damages has been seen in these laptops.

These devices use Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems by default. The manufacturer also details of Security vulnerabilities has published new ones which are known as CVE-2022-3430, CVE-2022-3431 and CVE-2022-3432 in the vulnerability database.

Discovery of three big security bugs in Lenovo laptops;  What is Lenovo's plan to fix the problem?

As Lenovo says, CVE-2022-3431 was intentionally created during the manufacturing process for testing purposes, and the company may not have fixed the vulnerability in a number of laptops. The CVE-2022-3432 vulnerability was also spotted on the older Ideapad Y700-14ISK laptop.

New problem Lenovo laptops Found in the driver runtime, they allow hackers to disable Secure Boot by modifying NVRAM values.

Lenovo has requested its users to Update device BIOS do As for the third damage, the company says that the Ideapad Y700-14ISK laptop has reached the end of its software support cycle and will not receive any new updates.

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