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By studying the DNA of more than 5 million people, scientists 12 thousand genomes They discovered related to people’s height; Is a revolution in gene therapy coming?

This study, which was published on October 12 in an authoritative journal nature Published, the largest research around Genomic relationship with people’s height It is collected from the DNA of more than 5 million people and 281 studies.

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Genomes affecting people’s height

Before, we didn’t know exactly what genetic factors and differences affect different people’s height, as a result, with this research, our knowledge of how these factors affect people’s height difference became more complete. It is worth noting that more than 1 million of the participants in this study were of non-European descent – African, East Asian, Hispanic or South Asian.

Twelve thousand one hundred and eleven alternatives clustered around parts of the genome associated with skeletal development yielded a good prediction for the genetic height of individuals, with 40% of this height variation for individuals of European ancestry, and About 10 to 20 percent of it is also for non-Europeans.

Discovery of genomes related to people's height
Discovery of genomes related to people’s height

Mostly adult height, with coded data available on DNA Determined; As children of tall parents are usually taller and short parents are shorter, but these estimates are not that accurate and complete. The development of an infant from infancy to adulthood, and the genetic role involved, has traditionally been an unknown and complex area of ​​biology. Previously, the largest study on communication genomic He paid with the height of people, he used a sample size of about seven hundred thousand people, with these words, the current sample is about seven times more than the previous studies.

The unprecedented dimensions of this research provide new levels of detail and biological insight into why people are tall or short, as we now know which specific genomes are associated with the heritability of different regions. The findings show that genetic variants associated with height are concentrated in regions that are only more than 20% of the genome It covers the person.

The prospect of discovering special genomes on the future of global health

What we have found in this research can help doctors who are looking to help people who may not reach their final genetic height, or it may even help diagnose diseases and more unlikely conditions that have stunted the growth of such people. Also, this research provides a valuable model on how to use large-scale genomic studies, so that we can use it for the biological identification of a disease and subsequently, its hereditary components.

Is the diversity of genomic samples enough?

It is true, despite the fact that the described study, in comparison with previous studies, includes a larger number of participants who had non-European ancestors, however, the researchers emphasize the need for more diversity in their genomic research.

Most of the available genetic data is from people of European ancestry, so extensive genomic studies do not capture the wide range of racial diversity around the world. Increasing the scale and size of genomic studies, that too in non-European populations, is necessary to achieve the same level of saturation and reduce the statistical gap in different populations.

Don't worry about increasing your height
Don’t worry about increasing your height

Dr. Irini Maroli, assistant professor of computational biology at Queen Mary University of London and first author of the study said:

“In studying the DNA of more than 5 million people, we achieved a success that was impossible for us until recently!”

He added: “Genomic studies are revolutionizing what may hold the key to solving many global health challenges – tremendous and exciting potential!” Assuming if we can get a clear picture of a feature like height at the genomic level, we will probably have a model to improve its condition. For example, genetic diseases such as heart disease or schizophrenia can be diagnosed and treated.”

“If we can map specific parts of genomes with their own characteristics, we’ll open the door to targeted, personalized therapies that could benefit people all over the world.”

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