Recent experiments by British scientists lead to Discovery of water in the composition of a meteorite It happened that last year it had fallen in a British village.

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According to published information, the water composition of this meteorite is largely Earth’s water composition It is similar and as the research continues, scientists can learn a lot about it planet of origin get it

This meteorite fell in the village of Vinchekam and got its name from the village where it fell. During a recent science festival held in Britain, Decker Ashley King claimed that the weight of this meteorite is almost half a kilogram and 12% of its volume is water. Also, it’s worth noting that it took 12 hours to find Winchcam after impact.

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Discovery of water in the composition of a meteorite

At first, it should be said that the first action of scientists after Discovery of water in meteorite compositions, comparing it with the water of the earth. Because researchers believe that life first formed in water, and since the water on Earth is suitable for the origin of life, finding water with similar compositions in meteorites can be signs of The existence of extraterrestrial life have Of course, most of the time there is a possibility of contamination of meteorite compounds, but this case is about winchkam does not apply.

A meteorite fell in the British village of Winchcomb

It is said that the life of this meteorite is about 4.7 billion years and before hitting the Earth, it was placed in the planetary belt between Mars and Jupiter. Until this moment, in other times when scientists managed to discover water in the composition of a meteorite, its composition was very different from the water found on Earth; But Similarity of Winchchem water composition with planet Earth It surprised scientists.

According to researchers, the materials needed for the creation of living organisms on the planet Earth were created after the collision of comets and asteroids. Dr. Ashley King states that one of the basic questions in planetary science is how The origin of water on Earth and its origin. Of course, this question has received many answers, the most logical of which is the collision of comets with a large volume of ice.

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What do you think about the discovery of water in the composition of a meteorite by British scientists? Can this discovery provide an answer to the questions surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial life? Please share your opinion in the comments section and scientific news with duplicate follow.

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