One of the most important aspects of the second day of the national entrance exam for the departments of mathematics, technology and humanities was the interruption of the mobile internet to hold the national entrance exam.

The second day of the entrance exam with the competition of more than 653 thousand volunteers in two experimental groups of mathematics, technology and humanities has started this morning, July 30, in more than 417 examination areas.

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Candidates for the 1401 entrance exam have started their competition since yesterday, July 29, and a total of more than 1,489,220 candidates from different experimental groups will compete in four days, ie July 8, 9, 10 and 11.

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Disconnect mobile internet to hold the national entrance exam!

The interesting thing about this year’s national exam is that, according to the first mobile public relations report and at the request of the assessment organization, the internet of mobile operators will be cut off until 12:30 in the areas where the national exam is being held.

Disconnect mobile internet to hold the national entrance exam!

The head of the assessment organization also announced the arrest of the sellers of fake questions and said that some of the candidates have been deprived of the entrance exam this year because they have a mobile phone with them.

Concours 1401, which has about 122 thousand more candidates than last year, is also held in 17 examination areas in 15 foreign countries, and including sub-areas, a total of 2911 examination areas are the organizers of this year’s exam.

The math, technical and humanities exams will be held on Thursday morning, July 30, and tomorrow the candidates of the experimental sciences group will compete, and finally, on the morning of July 3, the language candidates will start their work.

This year, 145,615 volunteers will participate in the mathematics and technology group, 574,751 volunteers in the experimental sciences group, 412,525 volunteers in the humanities group, and 161,278 volunteers in the art experimental group. The number of volunteers in the foreign language experimental group is 194,951.

Of these, 915,041 are female volunteers and 674,179 are male volunteers, which means a 61 percent share of women versus a 39 percent share of men.

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