Filming time Horizon Zero Dawn series , announced. Filming of this drama series will begin in August 2022 by Netflix in Toronto.

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Last month, Netflix announced that it was developing a drama series based on the PlayStation game Horizon Zero Dawn. According to his fans, this series is being prepared at a high speed.

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Horizon Zero Dawn series

According to the received reports, the filming of this series will be done in the Toronto area and other places in the province of Ontario. The filming of this series will start in August and it will end at the end of March next year (2023).

Horizon Zero Dawn series

Preparations for the production of the Horizon series have begun by Netflix. Mark Steele, who was the production designer of Locke and Key series and The Umbrella Academy series, has also been added to the crew of this series. Despite the fact that the filming of the Horizon series will start from next month, there is still no news about the producers of this adaptation such as the showrunners, writers, directors and actors of the series.

In addition to the Horizon series, there are other adaptations of video games on Netflix. In this case, we will see the Resident Evil series starring Lance Reddick, The Cuphead Show animation, Bioshock and Castlevania animation.

On the other hand, HBO’s The Last of Us series, Amazon Prime’s God of War series, Gran Turismo directed by Neill Blomkamp and Ghosts of Tsushima The direction of Chad Stahelsky is also one of the live action projects of PlayStation.

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