Because of what has been called an insult to the Prophet and the religion of Islam, a large group of Muslims have started destroying Samsung billboards in Pakistan.

Muslim protesters in Pakistan, in response to what they consider an insult to Islam, have destroyed billboards and Samsung stores in Karachi.

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Destruction of Samsung billboards in Pakistan

Today, the city of Karachi, Pakistan witnessed strange scenes, a group of extremist Muslims in this city destroyed Samsung billboards in the city because of what they considered an insult to Islam. It is said that the QR codes printed on the Samsung billboards in the shopping centers of this city contained insulting content towards the Prophet of Islam.

Following these protests, the Samsung office in Pakistan has emphasized its neutrality in the face of religious sentiments in a statement. Samsung’s statement in response to the events in Karachi is as follows;

Samsung Electronics respects all religious beliefs and religious sentiments and has the greatest respect for Islam.

Destruction of Samsung billboards in Pakistan;  The anger of Pakistani Muslims against the world's largest phone maker

Samsung has also announced that it will carry out the necessary research in this regard. Some protesters also say that Samsung has installed a blasphemous QR code in a mall in Karachi.

The work has gone even further and the Karachi police have turned off all the Wi-Fi devices of Samsung, including the mentioned QR, and arrested 20 employees of this company. The device that plays the “offensive” content mentioned by the protesters has also been confiscated.

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