In addition to buying new goods and Akband, Buying second-hand items It has also become difficult for people. Because the bad economic situation is directly related to the livelihood of Iranian families.

According to Chairman of the Union of Brokers, Buying second-hand items It has become difficult for the majority of Iranians. This is because in addition to the Akband product, Second hand goods have also been accompanied by an increase in price. Therefore, with these conditions, people’s purchasing power decreases and the market of second-hand goods also stagnates.

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It has become difficult to buy second-hand items

Intensification of the recession Household appliances market It has caused some to believe that the market these days Buying second-hand itemsThe market is warm, but Dawood Abdullahi is a person. The head of the brokers union and loan sharks It reports a sharp decrease in buying and selling in this market.

Abdullahi Fard says about the current situation of the activists of this guild:

The situation of the activists of this guild and our colleagues is the same as that of other guilds because people’s financial base has weakened and they have little cash in their hands, and this situation has caused them to not even be able to buy second-hand goods.

Buying second-hand items

Surveys show The price of household appliances Second-hand in the current situation has exceeded the price of new items four years ago, for example The price of a refrigerator Side by side, a Korean brand, was between eight and a half to twenty one million tomans in 2017, but Side by side refrigerators The same brand currently costs around 50 to 60 million tomans.

The head of Tehran Brokers and Pawnbrokers Union stated: “Contrary to the belief of some people in the society; The price of second-hand goods Also, like new goods, the current prices have increased and are not compatible with people’s purchasing power.

He said:

Unfortunately, the conditions are such that the colleagues only do very small transactions and contrary to the general perception, business in this trade is not thriving at all.

He mentioned:

The conditions of stagnation, high inflation, increase in rates have plagued all industries and affected the working conditions of the business.

What are the most popular second-hand goods?

Buying second-hand items It is more attractive to many. Abdullahi Fard, in response to the question that in the current situation, if buying and selling is done, which goods are mostly included? He expressed: “home appliances Like refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, TV, etc.; Of course, to some extent, furniture and dining tables are also sold in some guild units; Now these kinds of goods are traded more often in the market.

He stated:

A broker is an intermediary between sellers and buyers; However, virtual networks have cut the hands of my colleagues from this market to some extent and in some cases we have even gone out of business, but in general, the buying and selling of second-hand goods is done on virtual networks, and even the buying and selling in this market has also decreased.

Buying second-hand items

He answered the question whether The amount of sales of these appliances by people has also increased or not; explained: “Home appliance sellers has also decreased because the difference between new and second-hand appliances is high and families try to use the goods available at home; Unless the goods are worn out and unusable, in which case they sell the goods to our colleagues and colleagues, but in general, because the price difference between new and second-hand goods is very large; “They prefer to keep the existing goods because it is very difficult to finance the purchase of new goods.” According to him, an important part of these goods can no longer be used and are actually considered waste.

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Second-hand goods are sold as new

The head of Tehran Brokers and Pawnbrokers Union explained about the most cases of complaints from citizens to this union:

It is mostly related to electrical appliances, and recently it has been observed that some unscrupulous people sell very clean second-hand goods instead of stock goods and exhibition floors, which can also be followed up; Most of the complaints are about electrical appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, etc.

Abdullahi Fard about the important issue of defrauding people in the form of publishing an advertisement in Virtual platforms He explained: “It has been seen that most of the complaints to the FATA police are in the form of fraud Cyberspace Is; In my opinion, 90% of the complaints handled by the FATA police are related to cases where goods are priced in such a way that people are enticed to buy and are tricked into paying the deposit, and unfortunately, after a while, no one has responded to the number announced, and there is no address to refer to. There is. This happens in many cases and even my colleagues also face these cases.”

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