The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade said to Instagram, referring to the allocation of only 3% of e-commerce Instagram filter does not affect people’s income!

In recent weeks, we have seen widespread problems in the field of Instagram business activity, which Continue the filtering process It seems that these problems will continue to exist. Alireza Shahmirzaei; Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade published statistics regarding The amount of closed businesses misread and said that these statistics have no basis. He also added in his words: “On the other hand, some people are simplistic about business problems and offer superficial solutions, which is wrong for both parties.”

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Instagram filter has no effect on people’s income!

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade in his statements to the extent of Selling e-commerce and virtual business In the country, he pointed out and said: the average sales of e-commerce and virtual business in the country per year is about 1300 thousand billion tomans. He also added:

E-commerce has hundreds of sub-branches, and businesses active on Instagram make up only 3% of the country’s e-commerce. We also asked the people who publish some false statistics to tell us how they calculated the unemployment and business closing statistics, but they did not respond.

  Instagram filter has no effect on people's income

Criticizing the simplification of the current situation by some officials, Shah Mirzaei said: “On the other hand, some people intend to make the problem small and say that there is no problem. This is despite the fact that there are many problems in this field and simple solutions cannot be used to encourage businesses to use internal platforms. In fact, in order for domestic platforms to be ready to host businesses, their technical deficiencies must be resolved and their cultural and social appeal must be improved.

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