Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education Denying the news of school closures Regarding the spread of the flu, he said: “The government’s effort is not to close schools, because the corona virus caused a lot of damage to the country’s education system and led to a drop in education. Of course, if the situation becomes difficult, schools will be closed, and currently there is a decision to close them.” We don’t have schools.”

Bahram Ain Elahi, Minister of Health, Treatment and Education attended the meeting held by the Health and Treatment Commission of the Islamic Parliament with a group of journalists on Monday and answered their questions. He emphasized that with Influenza vaccine shortage We are not in a position to say: “Given that we were anticipating influenza, we have provided enough imported and produced vaccine and it is available in pharmacies and people can go to buy it.”

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Denying the news of school closures

Ain Elahi about Lack of antibiotics and medicine In the country, he explained: “Normally, the flu disease starts in the middle of November, but this year it started earlier, of course, we also encountered the excessive use of antibiotics, while the treatment of the flu is not only done with the use of antibiotics, but the disease is treated with rest and Drinking warm liquids improves; The consumption of antibiotics increased in the country and we faced a shortage. In order to solve the shortages, we have taken measures to increase internal production and the employees are working in three shifts.

The Minister of Health added: “Of course, it is not necessary for everyone to get the flu vaccine, but high-risk groups and people with immune system problems or undergoing dialysis should get vaccinated.”

Denying the news of school closures
Denying the news of school closures

He pointed to the higher safety system of students and No need for flu vaccine said:

“During the corona era, students were the last group to get vaccinated, although it is better for students with underlying diseases to get vaccinated.”

Ain Elahi further added: “We also imported 50 tons from India and we will increase the import if there is a shortage.”

The Minister of Health also addressed the issue of closing schools and talked about the damage that Corona has caused to the education system of the country and has led to the academic decline of students, and spoke about the government’s efforts to not close schools.

He also said in response to the journalists’ question about preserving the elites and preventing their migration: “We tried to create good conditions for the elites in the universities of medical sciences and increased their efficiency ceiling and also removed the efficiency ceiling of doctors in deprived areas. Also, we launched the facilities needed by the elites, such as science and technology and knowledge-based cities, and it is definitely the measures taken to preserve and perpetuate the elites in the country; We also accepted 4,000 people in specialized fields so that they can work in the regions of the country, especially the deprived areas, in the near future.

Abdulahi also explained about the shortage of 100,000 doctors in the country: “The capacity to accept nursing staff in universities is very high, and all 66 universities of medical sciences in the country train nurses, although some of them may not be attracted to hospitals or they themselves not interested in working in this field; We also paid attention to nursing services at home and we will do our best to train the nursing staff and, accordingly, meet the needs of the people.”

In the end, he pointed out: “The important issue in nursing is specialized nursing so that they can work with ICU and heart devices and help in complex operations; “Our pace is good in terms of increasing the number of nurses and we hope to be able to address the shortages.”

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