Not long ago, we published news based on the fact that, “NASA has formed a research team to study UFOs.” But now news of America’s denial of UFOs It has reached the media.

America’s denial of UFOs It has become a hot topic today. U.S. Defence Ministry He believes that UFO sightings are actually surveillance equipment of foreign governments such as China Weather balloons have been. Based on this, American government agencies say: “Seeing UFOs is the result of an illusion caused by the viewing angle of the camera.”

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America’s denial of UFOs

American intelligence agencies In the last few years, they have been analyzing hundreds of videos of encounters with unidentified flying objects or UFOs. But now the news of America’s denial of UFOs is spreading in the media. Accordingly, a number of employees Ministry of Defence anonymously to New York Times have announced that a large part of UFO sightings are actually observations Surveillance equipment of foreign governments It has been like China or weather balloons.

America's denial of UFOs

According to the New York Times, government officials have concluded that more UFOs Or as the authorities say, Unknown aerial phenomena (UAP), related to espionage operations of foreign governments and airborne equipment such as weather balloons.

These officials, who spoke anonymously to the New York Times, say: “It has been proven that some of these observations are related to Spy drones Relatively normal china have been. Also part of the observations Army planes In observing UFOs that have a movement pattern contrary to Laws of physics have had, it was probably the result of optical errors.” For example, the famous GOFAST video by American Navy Recorded and released in 2018, it falls into this category.

America's denial of UFOs

The subject seen in the GOFAST video appears to be approaching the water at an unfathomable speed, but government officials say:

This observation is the result of an illusion caused by the viewing angle of the camera. In reality, this object should not have a speed greater than 50 km/h.

Ministry of Defence It recently sent a classified report to Congress about these flying objects that may contain information contained in the New York Times report. The report also adds details to the case published in June 2021. The 2021 case stated that most UAPs seen could not be definitively identified due to a lack of high-quality data.

However, in the same report, it was generally stated that these flying objects can Chinese technologiesRussia and other countries or other objects suspended in the air like Weather balloons or birds.

Spokesperson for the US Department of Defense It says the country will share as much information as possible about UAPs with the public, however, officials are reluctant to talk publicly because there is not enough information to draw firm conclusions about the sightings. In fact, the name anonymous is given to these observations for the same reason, because Sensors They have not been able to gather enough information to identify the subject.

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