Following Apple’s strict rules, Instagram has added the ability to delete an Instagram account on the iPhone to its app.

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Until Apple enacted its new strict rules on the need to delete accounts, the mobile version of Instagram only allowed deactivation of accounts. But looking for new terms, functionality Delete Instagram account on iOS Available directly from within the app.

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Delete Instagram account on iPhone

By offering the ability to delete an Instagram account on the iPhone, users of this service on Apple phones can now delete their account directly from within the app.

Until the release of the serious update, however, this was only possible through the Instagram website. The new change is a direct product of Apple’s new policies regarding apps published in the App Store.

In the new version of the App Store review guidelines, it has been announced that any application that provides the ability to create an account must also provide the possibility of deleting the user account from within the application, so that the user can easily delete the account through the application. Do not refer to the web version.

Until before Apple’s new policy, users for Delete Instagram account on iOS They had to refer to the web version of Instagram on the mobile desktop, because the application only provided the possibility of deactivating the account. Deactivating the account does not delete virtually any of your account information from Instagram servers.

Deleting an Instagram account on iPhone is possible with a new update

As far as possible Delete Instagram account on iPhone Was not provided, many users preferred to simply deactivate the account instead of deleting it. Today, however, a person representing Meta said in a press release:

We want to provide more ways for people to control the experience of working with Instagram and how much time they spend on this platform. We have made it possible to delete the account in the iOS version settings menu. You can still temporarily disable your account before deciding to delete it.

Of course if the process Delete Insta account on iPhone Through the app, your information will not be deleted from Instagram servers for 30 days. This policy, of course, does not contradict Apple’s rules.

This announced period is intended only so that if someone regrets deleting the account, they can log in again and stop the process of deleting the Insta account on the iPhone.

Nearly two months ago, Apple informed the developers that the new App Store guidelines will take effect on June 30, 2022, coinciding with July 9, 1401 in the Apple Store, and from that date, all applications must allow direct deletion of the user account.

Apple says that apps that do not follow this rule may have to wait longer for the update review process, resulting in updates being delivered to users later. Apple has repeatedly stated that it is not enough to deactivate the account:

Applications must allow the complete deletion of account history and related personal data. You may offer additional options, but simply offering to deactivate your account is not enough.

Deleting an Instagram account on iPhone is possible with a new update

As you can see in the image above, Instagram still advises users to simply deactivate the account instead of deleting it completely. Instagram has even highlighted the deactivation option in blue so that users can delete the account completely!

Apple’s new policy, of course, is not limited to Instagram, and all other apps must comply with Apple’s rules by offering a new update. Of course, WhatsApp is another well-known and popular platform for meta, signal messengers and many other services that offer the ability to delete an account from within the program, but there are cases such as Spotify or Telegram that do not offer the possibility of deleting the account directly through the program. They transfer the site.

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