The latest research findings indicate a decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm in men. But if this process continues, can it become an important factor for human extinction?

A new study about the factors affecting the reduction of the number of men’s scrotums has recently been published in Environment International. In this research, the researchers were surprised by examining the urine samples of nearly 100 volunteers that male endocrine disruptors have reached an alarming level. A problem that directly affects a person’s fertility.

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Decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm in men

During these investigations, it has been proven that pollutants from harmful chemicals such as bisphenols and dioxins strongly affect the quality of male sperm. The authors say that the presence of these chemical cocktails has a significant negative effect on men’s reproductive health.

This research was conducted on the urine samples of 98 Danish men between the ages of 18 and 30, and in addition, it used the data available in the European Food Standards Agency to estimate the possible amount of 20 other chemicals.

The authors of this paper, led by Professor Andreas Kortenkamp from Brunel University in London, say they were surprised by the significant amount of these chemical compounds in the samples. They were also surprised by the amount of bisphenol BPA in the samples tested. A substance that is considered a very serious risk for sperm health.

decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm in men;  Will this be cause for extinction?

Despite these researchers, they claim that their research has faced limitations, and for example, the data used from the European Food Standards Agency is only for the years 2009 and 2010, and the amount of chemicals may have increased in the new samples. Another uncertainty is whether women of reproductive age are exposed to chemicals as much as the men studied.

Of course, researchers have also pointed out that their research may have underestimated the risks of exposure to these dangerous chemical compounds for sperm, because a lot of these chemicals can affect men’s sperm, but all of them in this research have not been checked.

In recent years, the quantity and quality of men’s sperm in Western countries has decreased drastically, so that the number of sperm in men’s bodies has halved in a period of 40 years. Meanwhile, other reproductive health disorders such as undescended testicles and testicular cancer are also on the rise.

Scientists around the world have considered a range of other possible causes behind low sperm count, including lifestyle factors, smoking and air pollution.

Although this study raises concerns about the health of sperms, at the same time, it will cause more studies to be done in different societies in this regard, so that more extensive efforts can be made to prevent potential threats that threaten the health of sperms.

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