Yesterday, a young man from Tehran fell down from the 12th floor of a building in Mirdamad to take a selfie in Tehran’s storm. this Deadly selfie It was recorded during the storm in Tehran.

Currently, the case is being processed The suspicious death of a 30-year-old Tehrani boy The agenda of Meisham Hosseinpour, the investigator of the capital murder watch.

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Deadly selfie killed one person

The criminal team immediately took action to deal with this bird and preliminary investigations indicated that this young man was on the 12th floor of a tower during the rain and storm last evening in Tehran. The son-in-law He went to the window to take a selfie in the rainy weather. Meanwhile, due to the strong wind, he loses his balance and falls.

deadly selfie;  Taking a selfie with the storm in Tehran took the life of one person

The fall of this 30-year-old young man led to the amputation of the young man’s hand and the paramedics immediately took him to the hospital, but due to the severity of the injuries, the person in question died.

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