Armament in the Chamber of Commerce Harm of Internet filtering for the country’s industries reported and believes that internet restrictions have led to a decrease in the level of production and demand.

More than a month has passed since Instagram and WhatsApp filtering And Frequent internet outages We are still witnessing the continuation of its negative effects. “Hossein Selahvarzi”, Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, in an interview while referring to the internet restrictions and the increase in filtering in the past month and Harm of Internet filtering for the country’s industries He expressed:

“It’s naive to think that the internet shutdown and filtering of a wide range of sites, apps and platforms is limited to small businesses. Currently, small businesses, online shops, and Instagram-based businesses are in trouble, and a large number of people have lost their jobs. In addition, production lines from dairy and pharmaceutical production to steel and textile production have encountered problems in this situation; Because the production lines are based on the Internet, artificial intelligence, IT and ITC technologies. Also, outside the factory, issues such as logistics, order registration, marketing, and financial and currency programs are based on the Internet, and with these conditions, we will see a decrease in sales, a decrease in profits, and then the effect of this process on employment.

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Harm of Internet filtering for the country’s industries

Therefore, the vice president of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce emphasizes that the effects Definitely negative internet and filtering It is not only limited to small businesses, but most of the production lines such as dairy, medicine, steel, etc. have also faced problems. He further pointed out that according to reports, the use of VPN and filter breakers has increased up to 30 times, and believes that this indicates that people are using a channel to continue communication, but the use of these communication channels is the security of users and information. It endangers the country.

Harm of Internet filtering for the country's industries

He is one of Negative economic effects of restricting the Internet considers the credit impact on Iran’s trade; Due to the limitations of the Internet, the business contacts that were established between Iranian and foreign businessmen through international messengers have been interrupted.

So according to reports Using a VPN And the filter breaker has increased up to 30 times, which shows that people use a channel to continue communication, which in this situation poses many risks to both the security of users and the country’s information.

At the end of his remarks, he emphasized that limiting the internet and filtering some platforms in the past month was both a reason for reducing production and reducing effective demand and trade.

It should be noted that the Tehran Chamber of Commerce also reported the damage caused by the recent internet outages and filtering last week 80 thousand billion tomans to businesses Said.

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