One month after the import of the new series of iPhones, the problems are still there iPhone 14 phone registry It continues and new news about how to register this phone is published every day.

The imported phones of the new iPhone series are still not registered in the country. Meanwhile, the Customs Organization has announced that it is not within its jurisdiction to register this new model.

Samane Hemta has announced in an announcement that the import of the phone iPhone 14 It is considered smuggling as a passenger; Also, this system has asked guilds to avoid buying mobile phones as travelers.

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iPhone 14 phone registry

Peer system in relation to iPhone import It has warned to avoid buying as a passenger, while the customs does not accept this notice and does not consider the importation of the phone by a passenger as smuggling.

By passing the law No import of mobile phones above 600 dollarsNo company-imported version of the iPhone can be found in the country, and the versions imported by people as travelers are also now with the problem of lack of Registry have encountered

iPhone 14 phone registry
iPhone 14 phone registry

The existence of contradictions in the mobile phone market has caused a lot of chaos, while according to the export and import regulations, each person is allowed to import one mobile phone per year. Customs Department in relation to iPhone 14 registry has announced that:

The activation of a mobile phone that has entered the country in this way is not in the scope of customs, and according to the rules, the passenger must first pay the customs fees and charges, which is currently not activated in the relevant system.

It is not possible to pay customs duties for the passenger, therefore, according to the approvals of the mobile phone registry committee, it is not possible to activate it.

Those who have imported this new series of iPhones into the country do not have a customs ID registered in the system, and even if they want to use it for personal use, they will not be able to use it as long as they have a customs ID.

According to the problems that have arisen, there is still no responsible body regarding the possibility of solving them iPhone 14 registry problem It has not provided an explanation and the buyers are undecided.

Registry warnings

It should be pointed out that the activation of a mobile phone that has entered the country through a passenger is not within the scope of customs authority, and according to the rules, the passenger must first pay the customs duties and fees, which is currently not activated in the customs system. .

iPhone 14 phone registry
iPhone 14

Today, the peer system published an announcement that has more of a warning tone. This announcement states that:

Following the conflicting news in the media and frequent questions from the audience about the status of iPhone 14, we inform you that due to the lack of legal import of this model of phones, all iPhone 14 phones are on the contraband market, therefore, it is strongly recommended to all trade unions until the appointed time. Due to the legal import status of iPhone 14, refrain from buying and selling it.

It should be noted that if you activate your iPhone without a registry, you will only be able to use it for one month and after that you will not have a SIM card inserted in the phone.

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