Crypto Queen Cheater Roja Ignatto has been put on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and now there is a reward for any information leading to her arrest.

In a statement, the FBI added Roja Ignatova (Queen of Crypto) to its wanted list. A $100,000 reward will be offered to anyone with information leading to Roja’s arrest.

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Who is the crypto queen?

Crypto Queen on FBI Most Wanted List

In 2014, Ruja Ignatova, the queen of crypto, founded a Ponzi scheme called OneCoin. Through this plan, he managed to steal 4 billion dollars from users’ assets. The FBI still hasn’t been able to find Roja. Laqt Queen of Crypto is a nickname that Ignatova has assigned to herself.

In the past, Ignatova had made false statements about her fraud project. He called OneCoin a Bitcoin killer and encouraged people to invest in the project.

Roja disappeared in upstate New York in 2017. Ever since the cryptocurrency queen disappeared, the FBI has issued a warrant for her arrest. In February 2018, Roja was indicted. The last traced location of Ignatova is Athens, Greece. He had traveled to Athens from Bulgaria in October 2017.

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