A government official’s criticism of Google Due to the controversial action of this company regarding the spying tool known as Rubika, it has had a wide reflection in the cyberspace.

A government official’s criticism of Google It has become a headline in the media. Head of the National Center for Cyberspace, Google action against Rubica and denounced it as espionage. This government official considered the removal of Rubik’s by Google illegal despite the presence of more than 35 million active users.

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A government official’s criticism of Google

Firouzabadi, head of the National Center for Cyberspace, said:

Google’s removal of two Iranian applications on Android is against 35 million users per month, which is against Google’s rules.

Firouzabadi added: “Google sends an unsafe message in the Rubica application during installation, which is against the rules; Because messenger applications ask permission from the audience to access the gallery at the beginning of installation, and in this regard, Google has made a deliberate mistake.”

A government official's criticism of Google

The head of the National Cyberspace Center explained:

Iran is considered one of the developed countries in the field of applications in economic, digital and hotel fields.

He said: “In general, applications that have more than one million users are evaluated for security and the amount of access is checked.”

Firouzabadi added:

Google’s behavior towards some Iranian programs is unprecedented. Google has shown that it intervenes against the programs that are welcomed by the people and can have a cultural and political impact on the society and threatens the country’s cyberspace.

See Firouzabadi’s explanation about the removal of Rubika and another Iranian application in the video below.

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