Adviser to the head of the country’s veterinary organization called on the people to take medical advice seriously as the number of patients with Congo fever rises. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health, 30 people have been infected with Crimean Congo fever so far and 2 people have lost their lives.

Dr. Amin Asadi, Advisor to the President of the Veterinary Organization, explained: “Considering the importance of preventing and reducing the incidence of Crimean Congo fever, the National Congo Fever Headquarters will be formed under the chairmanship of the President of the Veterinary Organization.”

Mr. Ticket

Amin Asadi recommends that farmers remove the disease-carrying mite by spraying and disinfecting the units. Also avoid hand-crushing ticks and slaughtering livestock in unauthorized areas.

Warnings about preventing Crimean Congo fever

Dr. Asadi further said that due to the sensitivity of the virus to heat, it is recommended that people avoid consuming raw and undercooked liver.

According to ISNA, the brick walls of livestock farms are a good place to breed mites that cause Crimean Congo fever; Of course, it should be said that no one in the province has been infected with this disease so far.

Crimea fever rises to 30;  Take warnings seriously

Mohammad Asgharzadeh, Director General of Veterinary Medicine of South Khorasan, explained: The tick that causes Crimean Congo fever is a deadly insect that lives in the body of livestock and dark places; Crimean-Congo fever, cchf-specific, is a souvenir of livestock smugglers.

He said: “A common disease between humans and animals that does not have specific symptoms in livestock, ie only carriers of the disease, but occurs in humans in two stages. In the first stage, fever, body aches, fatigue and loss of appetite are the symptoms, and in the second stage, it sometimes leads to bleeding in the mouth, eyes or legs.

He added: “Bites of infected ticks or crushing them on the skin, contact with infected livestock and illegal slaughter and consumption of raw or undercooked meat or contact with the patient’s blood and secretions are ways of transmitting the virus.”

According to research, the activity of mites begins in the summer, which endangers the health and lives of people. Asgharzadeh advises people to prevent this disease: to get the meat they need from authorized centers and under veterinary supervision; Or if they are slaughtering the animal themselves, store it in a refrigerator at zero to 4 degrees Celsius before consumption and use it after 24 hours.

According to the head of the veterinary organization, this disease can be easily prevented by observing the health tips.

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