How to Create A new Gmail Account? Step by Step Guide

Google is a giant tech company where they are providing multiple services for its consumers. Now, these services include Google forum, Google Sheets, YouTube, Google AdSense, Google Playstore, and many more. Almost many times you cannot use many of these services without using a Google account mostly known as a Gmail account. Gmail account is a very important factor if you want to use Google forum, Google Sheets, or download apps from the Google Play store. That’s the main reason that in this article you are going to learn how to create a new Gmail account with the step-by-step guide.

What is a Gmail Account?

Gmail account is a free email service provider which ends with Most people are using Gmail account for emailing each other however if you have a Gmail account you can access Google applications like photos, maps, YouTube, create your own website with a blogger, and many more.

In smaller organizations, you can configure the settings within the Gmail account to forward work emails to the Gmail accounts. The reason is simple because the security is better or they are already configured. So, to put it in simple words, a Gmail account is managed by an individual person, not by an IT administrator or an Organization.

To summarize this section; Gmail is a Free email service provider where you can use to send and receive emails, use Google services like Google Classroom, Keep, workspace, and more.

Gmail account Limitations:

  1. 15 GB of Free Storage which is used for all the google services except for YouTube.
  2. If an your sending an email, the maximum size is 25 MB.
  3. In 24 hours you can 2000 emails.
  4. There are other Gmail account limitations and problems, if you are running a small organization.

Steps to Create a New Gmail Account

To create a Gmail account, you need a phone number and you must be at least 13 years old or older. If you have a child under 13 years old, create a Gmail account for your child and manage it using the Family Link. Your child will still have access to Gmail, Google Search, Google Chrome and for other areas, supervise them.

Step #1. Visit the Official Gmail Website

To create a New Gmail Account, Visit the official website of Gmail which is called If you are confused, how to access it, in Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can use Microsoft edge.

Once you have access to the Gmail official website, click create an account and choose an option (Your Self, Child, or Organization).

Create a Gmail Account

Step #2. Provide your Information

You have to fill the following boxes which are consist of your name, last name, and Password, and Gmail account. If you a type Gmail account, if it was taken, it will show you some options, choose from them.

Create Your Google Account

You are not over with providing your Information to Google to Create a Gmail Account. You have to insert your Phone Number, Date of Birth, and Finally your Gender. There is also an option for recovery, it is optional, basically, you are providing an email, in case you lost your number and forgot your password.

Provide Your Personal Info

Step #4. Accept the Privacy policy

The Final Step is to agree with the terms and conditions of Gmail, scroll down, click agree and that’s all.


If you are really interested in using a Google service then you basically need to create a new Gmail account. Remember that Google is a giant tech company and mostly specialized in the software area. Can you see the Android operating system, it is created by Google and tons of other services provided by Google.

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