How to Create Google Form in 5 Easy Steps?

Step 1. Create a Google Account

Before getting started with this step, you have to know, If you already have a Gmail account you can skip this part just move to the second step.

Google forum is one of the services that Google is providing for their users, and if you want to use the Google forums for your survey, then you better have to create a Google account first. You can create a Google account for free without paying a single coin, and besides with that Gmail account, you can use it for all the Google services such as the Blogger, Google Slides, workspace, YouTube, and more.

The below link will take you to a post where everything has been explained regarding how to create a Gmail account, what are the limitations, how many emails can you send in one day, how much storage do you have in your Gmail account. So if you are a beginner, you must follow that post and create a Gmail account.

Step 2. Access Google Forms, Create a New Blank From and Customize the theme

If you created a new Gmail account, or if you already had a Gmail account, it is time to access the Google forms and then create a new blank forum. To access the Google forms, open your favorite browser, and then search for Google forms, open the very first option.

Search for Google Forms

Based on your need you have to choose an option of Personal and Business, In my case, I am Creating a free sample google form, So, I will with Personal.

Go to Google Forms

If you have signed in to Google, you will not see the sign-in option, however, if you have not, log in with a Gmail account.

Before creating a new form from scratch, you have to know that there are some built-in templates that you can use to fulfill your survey. However, if you are thinking that those pre-made templates cannot do the job for you then you have the option to create a new blank form. If you want to create a new blank form click on the plus icon, also click on a template gallery then you can see all the available templates that may be helpful for you. In my case, I will create a new blank form to guide you inside the Google Form.

Google Form Interface

Before anything else, on the top menu, you can customize the theme of the Google Form, you can see the preview of your Google Form, you can undo and redo, and finally, there are more options that are available there. To change the Google Form theme color, click on the first icon, and then a panel of theme option on the right side will appear. Y

You can customize the following options:

  • Header: You can add an image.
  • Theme Color: It is crystal clear that you can choose a color for the form and the backgroud color.
  • Font style: You can change the font style the way you want.
Create Google Form
Customize Google Form Theme

Step 3. Name the Form and Provide a Description

Sooner or later you have to name the form and then if it is required for you to provide a description you have to provide it. It is better to title the forum the moment you customized the theme and the look of the form. If you are creating a quiz form or a questionnaire form it is a good idea to explain the type of questions.

Create Google Form
Provide a Title and description to the form

Step 4. Set up Your Quetsions

This is the very most important section of learning creating a Google Form because there are multiple forms of Question types. Based on your survey you can choose Multiple answer forms, check boxes, short answer, long answer, file uploads, time and date, drop down, and more.

First thing first, you have to choose your question and then the type of your question, to choose the type of the question, click on the multiple-choice and one of them. In my case, I will go with the checkboxes.

Create Google Form
Choose a question type

How to Add another Question to the Google Form?

Remember that we just created our very first question and then we learned there are multiple questions that are available in the Google forms. To add another question, click on the plus icon and then type your question, and boom, you’re good to go.

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