He became the father of the test leader. A Russian court has ruled against the Iranian national team striker, and Azmoun has one month to appeal the ruling. Stay tuned for more.

Sardar Azmoun has been involved in a lawsuit in Russia since last year. A girl named Alia, who was in a relationship with Sardar during his stay in Russia, claimed that Sardar Azmoun was the father of her son. The judge of the court hearing the complaint of the Russian woman against Sardar Azmoun has convicted the Iranian nationalist attacker and has established his identity as the father of the child.

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Became the test leader of the father; Who is the Russian wife of the test captain?

The court ruled in favor of compensation, and now the probation officer has 30 days to appeal.

Earlier, the Russian Sport Express website claimed in a report that Sardar Azmoun had an affair with a girl in Kazan, Russia, and that the woman had given birth to a child who is now five months old and asked for compensation, but Sardar Azmoun did not accept this claim.

Became the test leader of the father;  Who is the Russian wife of the test captain?

Andrei Dmitriev, the lawyer of a girl who called her child the son of Sardar Azmoun, told Sport Express about the results of the case of the father of the child:

Everything went well for us. The court was satisfied on Friday and ruled on the child’s father and the need to pay alimony. The judge is now deciding. If the other party to the test case does not file an appeal within the next 30 days, the decision will take effect. If an appeal is lodged, the case will be heard in the St. Petersburg City Court and the above cases will be upheld. The other side of the case had no plausible reason and did not attend the hearings. The court ruled in our favor on this basis.

The story of the rumor of Sardar Azmoun’s son

A Russian girl has posted a picture claiming to be Sardar Azmoun’s daughter. At the same time, an old photo of Sardar Azmoun holding a baby has been published. He was an Iranian child and Sardar Azmoun has never seen his child.

After a few seasons in Russian football, the Test captain finally moved to Bayer Leverkusen in Germany in the winter transfer window of the previous season from Zenit St Petersburg and started his career in this team. Test left Zenit before Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, saying in a recent interview that he never thought it would happen.

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