The cooperation between Google and Renault is expanding to design software for Renault cars. Follow more information about this collaboration in this article.

Google and Renault They are expanding their five-year partnership to include the design of an advanced software platform for future vehicles. This software-oriented car, with Android Automotive operating system Google is built and sends the data to the company’s cloud servers for processing.

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Details of Google and Renault cooperation plan

In 2018, Renault signed an agreement with Google as part of a larger cooperation plan between Google and the alliance of the three companies Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, which is considered one of the world’s largest car manufacturing groups. According to this agreement, Renault recognizes Google’s operating system for cars, which includes Play Store, Maps and Google’s smart assistant, and uses it in its own products.

Cooperation between Google and Renault

But today’s announcement is only related to Google and Renault, and of course, it also applies to the four brands of this company, namely Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize. Renault has announced that Google as The main cloud service provider It chooses itself (other automakers have chosen “Amazon Web Services” for this).

The purpose of the first contract is to Android to be installed in millions of new cars, but today’s announcement is a bit more complicated. Google and Renault have announced that they will create a “digital twin” together; It means a virtual copy of a car equipped with features Advanced artificial intelligence It is for the easier and smoother integration of new services in the car and the creation of new applications for in-car and out-of-car services.

Google and Renault have claimed that the two companies’ cooperation in the field of software and testing new artificial intelligence capabilities will help improve the performance of these cars through real-time recognition. With this technology, the car’s artificial intelligence can notify the owner of the need for repair or evaluation. In addition, the owner can define things such as the behavior of the car while driving, the destinations he visits often, and the charging locations of the electric car. It is also possible to adjust the type of insurance using the actual data obtained from the car itself.

Other car manufacturers in line with the competition Tesla which is considered a pioneer in this field, they are designing software-based cars. The final idea is that the car has a set of basic specifications in terms of hardware, and that its features are mostly determined by the car’s software, which can be upgraded and updated.

It has been about a decade that Google has been trying to enter the car market, but the concern of automakers about the competition somehow made this company’s efforts ineffective. Now this company has managed to bring big car manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, Volvo, Honda and BMW.

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