The clash between Ehsan Alikhani and Jaleh Sameti is one of the interesting parts of the new era program; But these doubts sometimes lead to narrow places and everything falls apart.

Ehsan Alikhani is one of the capable presenters of radio and television. He was the host of the honeymoon program for many years; Due to its popularity, the program aired on Channel 3 during the best hours of Ramadan. The atmosphere of the program was in harmony with the month of Ramadan that the audience liked; But as the atmosphere of grief in the community increased, the managers of the network made three decisions to end the honeymoon program.

Mr. Ticket

This change of approach led Ehsan Alikhani to new experiences. In his first production experience, he was able to dig deep into the film by producing an undated film without a signature. Then he started several delivery programs of the year and finally the project of making a new age talent identification program. A program that was like the famous foreign talent search programs. However, the New Age program soon found a special place among Iranian audiences.

The program, which aired on Channel 3 in 1398, used four prominent figures as judges; Roya Nonhali, Arya Azimi Nejad, Amin Hayaei and Seyed Bashir Hosseini. These judges were with Ehsan Alikhani for two seasons. With the start of the third season, the composition of the judges changed; Karen Homayounfar, Majid Ismaili, Amin Hayaei and Jaleh Sameti formed the new judges of the program.

What is the story of the conflict between Ehsan Alikhani and Jaleh Sameti?

With the presence of Jaleh Sameti in the third season of the New Age talent search program, the atmosphere of the program was slightly softened. So that one of the interesting parts of the program is the doubts of Ehsan Alikhani and Jaleh Sameti. Sometimes these whole heads are drawn to narrow places; So that every once in a while, rumors of Jaleh Sameti’s anger and leaving the New Age program are heard. But in her interviews, Jaleh Sameti finds the controversies between herself and Alikhani interesting and creates a friendly atmosphere that the TV audience enjoys. At the end, watch one of the videos related to the clash between Ehsan Alikhani and Jaleh Sameti in Tekratoo:

Alikhani’s birthday greetings to Sameti

Ehsan Alikhani published a text on the occasion of Jaleh Sameti’s birthday and wrote:

Ms. Jaleh Mehraban, with knowledge and compassion, Happy Birthday: I apologize to you for misunderstanding some of your motherly compassion for your children… We do not forget that worrying about children was more important to you than the new era, thank you that like You have always been patient as a mother and, as always, you smile at all your birthdays. Happy birthday to a person who is so much his own, the greatest gift to those around him.

Alikhani and the Joker

Ehsan Alikhani said that he had decided to perform the “Joker” and that the members of his group also strongly agreed, but this did not happen due to various problems, and said in a brief explanation: “His permission was not issued.” In competitions such as “Joker”, the presenter is mostly responsible for judging the game and its performance did not give Ehsan Alikhani a special opportunity and special challenge.

“Honeymoon” and “New Age” have been successful programs, and after these two programs, Ehsan Alikhani must be more obsessed and strict with ideas that have a great capacity to express his abilities.

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