Bahman Motor Company also announced its sales plans Conditions of sale of Bahman Motor in September 1401 published which includes several important products of this company.

Conditions for immediate sale of Bahman Motor 1401 It has been announced that Kara Single Cab Van, Inroads Van and Capra 2 will be sold in this plan. Stay with us to know the terms of the plan.

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Conditions of sale of Bahman Motor in September 1401

Bahman Motor for September 1401 has decided to release Kara single cab van, Inroads and Capra 2 van from Saturday 12 September 1401 from 10 am to 4 pm on the same day. Applicants can only participate in this sales plan online by referring to the integrated sales system at

In this sales plan, Kara single cabin type 4 hydraulic van with personal equipment is sold at a price of 325 million Tomans, Inroads cargo van at a price of 559 million Tomans and Capra 2 at a price of 652 million Tomans. The delivery date of these cars has been announced in the last week of October 1401. Also, these cars are offered to customers in white colors and model 1401 with an annual interest rate of 13% and a monthly delay penalty of 2.5%.

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