The Comprehensive Trade System requires sellers and buyers of basic goods to register in this system, and producers and buyers must register their purchases and sales in this system by mentioning the national code.

The purpose of this registration of trade and distribution of goods, from Eliminating the buying and selling of contraband and preventing smuggling in general has been announced This new measure was widely criticized and opposed by marketers and manufacturers, which Tekrato has prepared a report on.

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The comprehensive trading system is a hindrance to domestic producers

In the main routine, the main buyers buy the products of the manufacturers and sell them wholesale or individually in the market. The issue that puts the comprehensive trade system in opposition to the market, especially the market of home speakers, and has caused the market sellers to prefer to go through easier and less troublesome steps to procure goods, is the issue Registration of trade and distribution of goods in the comprehensive trading system Is; Sellers consider it useless to register their activity in the comprehensive business system.

The comprehensive trading system is a hindrance to domestic producers

In general, two things that almost all market sellers have an understanding on are the following:

  • Ease of purchasing goods and home speakers from companies that have not yet registered in the Comprehensive Trade System (goods that are smuggled and distributed outside the Comprehensive Trade System)
  • Long and complicated product registration process

One of the producers who, according to the new law, requested their buyers to register in the comprehensive trading system and faced with the lack of acceptance by the customers, is the audio and video equipment company. Mehr Mina Electronic (Danai) Is. Since marketers are reluctant to share their national code, they cooperate with Mehr Mina Electronic have cut off

as a result, Mehr Mina Electronic It is losing its customers. The plan, which was supposed to stop the smuggling of goods, has now hindered the activities of domestic brands.

Comprehensive trade system: in the name of the domestic producer, in the name of smuggled goods

Why Mehr Mina Electronics (Danai) as a domestic producer will be harmed by registering information in the comprehensive trading system?

Mehr Mina Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the domestic producers of audio and video equipment, started its activity in 2011 with the assembly of digital receivers. Now, with the development of its production line, this domestic manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers of home speakers, televisions, digital receivers and car radios, which markets its products under the Denai brand.

Mehr Mina Electronic It is the only company that has issued a tracking ID for its home speakers, and the buyers of this company are also required to register purchases and sales in the comprehensive trade system, according to the anti-trafficking laws. This is despite the fact that no domestic manufacturer and importer of home speakers has registered in the comprehensive trade system and despite the company’s follow-up Mehr Mina Electronic No results have been obtained from the relevant bodies and institutions.

Now, with the implementation of this process, a producer with transparent and legal economic activity such as Mehr Mina Electronichas gone to the sidelines, is in danger of closing down and making its workers unemployed.

Comprehensive trade system: in the name of the domestic producer, in the name of smuggled goods

Company Mehr Mina Electronic (Danai) as a domestic producer believes that because before the implementation of this project, the entry of contraband goods, especially home speakers, was not prevented and these goods were not organized, the market was driven to buy illegal and smuggled goods. Even the efforts of the company Mehr Mina Electronic And its referrals to the consumer and producer support organization and the Ministry of Industry and Mines have not reached any results.

It is worth noting that other brands are also subject to this law, but they easily and without any problems avoid this burden. These brands operate informally, their products are abundantly found in the market, and they even do extensive advertising freely, without the relevant bodies and institutions monitoring their work.

Examining the opinions of marketers regarding the registration of the national code in the comprehensive system of trade and the final word

To investigate the problem of marketers, Tekrato decided to talk with them closely during a field report.

The obstacles that the comprehensive trade system has created on the way of domestic producers, especially the Denai brand, as well as from the marketers’ point of view, briefly include the following:

  1. Abundance and easy access of smuggled and unofficial goods in the market
  2. There is no supervision of smuggled and unofficial goods, especially in the home speaker industry
  3. Quick and easy access to unofficial or smuggled goods and brands
  4. Lack of information and culture among the people in providing the national code when shopping
  5. Traditionality of the market and active people in this industry
  6. And the difficulty of the registration process and the lack of sufficient training and information

These and other cases have increased the willingness of sellers to buy from brands that sell unorganized and smuggled goods informally and by issuing unofficial invoices.

In practice, the existence of this system in the market of home speakers, for the reasons mentioned, not only did not stop the buying and selling of contraband, but also made it smoother.


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