Given the culture of hard work that Twitter is supposed to create, this leads to Completing Elon Musk’s argument with employees To accept these conditions or resign from his job.

to report The Washington Post, Elon Musk In an email sent to Twitter employees at midnight, he warned them to do their best Culture “diligenceยป to be employed by this company or to leave their jobs by receiving unemployment benefits. However, the Washington Post, citing this email, did not explain exactly what Musk meant by the company’s hard-working culture, but if we were to guess from the evidence, what this culture meant was probably the result of the same working hours. let’s get a lot

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Completing Elon Musk’s argument with Twitter employees

In addition to this, in this email, Musk requests employees to sign an online form and also to “Serious work for a long time” make a commitment If the employees do not want to sign this form, upon receipt of three months unemployment payment will be fired. It should be noted that in another part of this email it is written: “Only exceptional performance will be acceptable”.

Completing Elon Musk's argument with employees

The email comes about a week after Musk first met with Twitter employees and two weeks after he ordered massive layoffs. In his first meeting with Twitter employees, Musk explained the reason for ending remote work at the company in this way: “What made SpaceX and Tesla thrive is people in the office and working hard.”

Former Uber engineerGergely Orosz, who previously reported on Twitter’s internal changes, said in a new tweet about the email that it was likely Musk’s email to “Twitter 2.0” He mentioned that it will be designed by engineers and that “people who write great code” will play a more important role within the company.

In addition to Musk’s email report, the Washington Post’s other news about the service Twitter blue tick have been. If you’re aware, the service experienced a failed launch that stopped new user registrations on Friday. However, Musk announced yesterday that the service from November 8 The moon is available again. He also went on to say that Twitter wants to perform and influence in the coming weeks $8 Twitter Blue service to find out how this service has caused chaos and impersonation of others.

In the continuation of this report, it is also stated that until this social network stops registering new subscriptions, only about 150 thousand users in the service Blue Twitter They had registered. This number is actually only a small part of the 238 million daily active users of this platform.

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