Following the events that followed the revelations in the May Tu movement against two Iranian male actors, now news has arrived that Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki have complained about Alidosti’s song.

Taraneh Alidosti, an actor and a member of an independent committee set up to investigate sexual violence and harassment in Iranian cinema and theater, announced today, July 29, 1401, that Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki, who are among those accused of sexual harassment, They have complained to him.

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Complaints of Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki about Alidosti’s song

Taraneh Alidosti announced today in an Instagram post that two well-known Iranian actors, Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki, have filed a lawsuit against him. Ms. Alidosti wrote in an Instagram post:

You may be interested to know that two complaints against me have been filed with the judiciary. On behalf of Mr. Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki. Charge? Defamation and spreading lies. While acknowledging our current activities as the representative of more than eight hundred women filmmakers, I will gladly defend myself in this regard and stand by my position. What part is it. It is good that we will all be held accountable in the court of history. We hope to stand on the right side of history.

Complaints of Habib Rezaei and Mehdi Koushki about Alidosti's song

Last summer, stories of the harassment and assault of Habib Rezaei, two prominent Iranian actors, surfaced on social media. In May of this year, a similar situation occurred for Mehdi Koushki, an actor and theater director.

The fever of revelations rose when dozens of Iranian women filmmakers issued protest statements in April after some female actors and filmmakers spoke out against men. Iranian women filmmakers said in a statement that in the Iranian cinema mechanism, “any person with power and reputation” can “exploit their position to bully, threaten, insult, humiliate and assault women, without legal institutions, cinema guilds, filmmakers.” “And make their critics accountable and take responsibility for their actions.”

Following these circumstances, 5 Iranian female filmmakers formed an independent committee to investigate cases of violence, sexual harassment and extortion in cinema and theater, of which Taraneh Alidosti is a member.

Hanieh Tavassoli, Somayeh Mirshamsi, Ghazaleh Motamed and Maral Jirani are other members of this independent committee that, with the help of lawyers and consultants, are set to pursue the demands of the women filmmakers’ statement.

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