In the situation these days, there is a discussion about permanent filter or fixing Instagram and WhatsApp filter, news Clubhouse filtering on fixed internet it is arrived.

New research shows that the conversation-oriented social network Cobb House is generally filtered on both the fixed and mobile Internet. This platform used to be disrupted on mobile internet, but since yesterday, it is not possible to use it on fixed internet as well.

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Clubhouse filtering on fixed internet

Clubhouse, which gained a lot of use and importance among Iranian users in the midst of the recent presidential elections, had faced disturbances at the same time. It was April 1400 Disturbances in accessing Clubhouse on mobile internet came into existence and this matter has continued since that day.

Currently, no letter or order from a specific institution has been published to cut off access to the Clubhouse from mobile operators, but at the same time, the Ministry of Communications tried to discourage operators from continuing to filter the mentioned platform by imposing fines on them, but this fine also It was not effective and disorders and Clubhouse Restrictions It has continued until today.

Clubhouse filtering on fixed internet;  A new wave of filtering is coming?
Clubhouse filtering / Clubhouse filtering

After this platform was filtered in the mobile internet network, from May 1400, temporary filtering was completely applied to Clubhouse, but this issue was resolved very soon.

Recently, while publishing a picture of a ruling from the Administrative Court of Justice, the news of the solution to the problem of the Club House came out, contrary to expectations, Clubhouse filtering Now it has taken on a more complete aspect and includes fixed internet.

Currently, it is not clear why this platform has been filtered on the mobile network until now and by the order of which entity, but the filter wave of several international platforms has started some time ago and as a result of the protests across the country. Now Clubhouse has joined Google Play, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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