School closures due to the outbreak of influenza It is news that was confirmed by the Minister of Education. During school closures, classes resume with “Shad” network.

The news of closing schools due to the spread of influenza Approved by the Minister of Education. According to Yusuf Nouri, some provinces have been forced to close schools due to the spread of influenza. Of course, with the closure of schools, education will continue through “Shad” network.

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School closures due to the outbreak of influenza

Minister of Education said:

Some provinces had closed schools in their cities due to the spread of the influenza virus. We suggested that the officials of those provinces conduct a field investigation that; Is it really so likely that students will be hurt by the flu?

He added: “Provincial managers should check and if the report Ministry of Health is also based on the possibility of harm to students, the conditions of education will change; Of course, until today, I have never experienced a shutdown due to this Outbreak of influenza We haven’t had it.”

School closures due to the outbreak of influenza

Nuri explained:

If all these things are present, there is no closure and the Shad network will be used to hold classes.

This government official said: “Every decision must have a reason, the reason related to influenza is recognized and investigated by doctors and the Ministry of Health. If really students If they get hurt, we will not be satisfied, so we may have limited closures; Of course, this does not mean that lessons and training are closed and students using Happy network and virtual education They will continue their studies without interruption.”

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