Phrase Class internet We hear a lot these days. Class internet means non-uniform provision of internet to different strata of society; This idea was explicitly proposed by the parliament this time.

This time, class internet was openly discussed in the parliament. Previously, the phrase internet classes in the following Internet outages and restrictions We heard that and also the release of filter breakers from experts, which of course was strongly opposed by them; But this idea was publicly raised in the parliament for the first time.

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The idea of ​​class Internet was proposed in the parliament

Ahmed Rastineh, the spokesman of the cultural committee of the parliament, announced that Different levels of internet access It was raised in the country and for different classes in the parliament. Rastineh, the spokesperson of the Cultural Commission, emphasizes that presence on filtered platforms such as Twitter and YouTube is necessary for something called “explanation jihad”.

The idea of ​​class Internet was proposed in the parliament

He has stated that presence on filtered platforms will also benefit the country in the soft war. He added:

Therefore, the levels of access to the Internet should be defined in order to use the capacity of elites and thinkers in the virtual space.

In an interview with ILNA, Rastineh stated: “It is wrong to have the same level of access for all the society in order for Jihad to explain, because the person who is going to talk about the life of Islamic Iran and the revolution in public diplomacy should be among be the elite”.

It appears to be based on true statements Restrictions and blockings What happened on the Internet in the last month will continue and in the future, a small and defined part of the society will have free Internet.

Rastineh further added that he also discussed this issue with the Minister of Communications: “The access of a university professor or an international business activist should be different from a student who only needs a series of data at the national level.”

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