Chrome browser version 107 It was made available to the public. In this article, we introduce all the features added in this version of Google Chrome.

Four weeks ago The official version 106 of the Google Chrome browser Unveiled. This version had various experimental features and now version 107 of the Chrome browser has been made available to the public. This version of Chrome from HEVC codec It supports which is a video compression format and is used to encode videos with high efficiency. Currently, many modern applications support this format, and Chrome 107 will support it by default.

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Chrome browser version 107 features

Chrome version 107 It includes other minor changes that are active by default. One such change is an upgrade that allows developers to implement a series of special interactive effects with CSS codes. Also, the ability to ignore uppercase and lowercase letters has been added to URLPattern, now this browser from Render-blocking Enhanced support and the rel attribute can be used for all tags.

Chrome browser version 107
Memory saving option in the new version of Chrome

Finally, in terms of obsolete features, the Expect-CT HTTP header has been removed in this version of Google Chrome. Sites could bypass Certificate Transparency (CT) requirements by using this header. Google has announced that this feature is enabled by default. Of course, other browsers have not implemented this configuration, so this move is not expected to make much of a difference in the use of this feature.

Currently Firefox browser Does not support HEVC. The browser has expressed its opposition to this issue and confirmed in 2016 that it does not intend to implement support for this feature. Instead, Firefox’s focus is on implementing AV1 codec support.

Save memory in Chrome browser version 107

Google is working hard to improve the speed of the Chrome browser. The company adds a new performance page to this browser. Users can on this page Memory and power consumption by View the browser. One Reddit user has seen a feature called Memory Saver that determines the amount of memory saved for each tab after hibernation.

In fact, when the user clicks on the Memory Saver icon near the address bar, a window will open that shows the amount of memory saved for that tab.

The Canary version of Google Chrome also supports the memory saving function. Users can customize the tab allowlist and tell Chrome which sites not to hibernate. Similar features have been implemented in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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