Chinese researchers have a method for Preventing the spread of all types of corona have invented This new achievement will be able to destroy all strains of the corona virus and prevent the virus from progressing.

The Chinese have succeeded in discovering new nanomaterials that are only one billionth of a meter long and for Preventing the spread of all types of corona It will be useful. This new nanomaterial, which is made of a combination of copper, indium, phosphorus and sulfur, is called CIPS and will prevent the virus from progressing in the patient’s body.

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Preventing the spread of all types of corona

Corona virus attacks human cells using spike protein and causes infection throughout the body. CIPS for Preventing the spread of all types of corona It works in such a way that it attaches to the spike protein of the corona virus and effectively prevents the growth of the infection and stops the corona. In fact, when the growth of the spike protein stops, the infection will stop by itself.

To produce these new nanomaterials, many researchers from various institutions such as Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, National Center for Science and Nanotechnology, Institute of High Energy Physics and Kunming Institute of Zoology have cooperated with each other. All these institutions have come together under the supervision of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a method for Preventing the spread of all types of corona Invent like Alpha, Delta and Amicron. One of the researchers of this project says:

This method could be a promising treatment to fight epidemics in the future.

The explanation of this study also states: “Our experiments show that CIPS effectively inhibits infection in cells, organoids, and mice and effectively relieves lung inflammation in mice infected with Sars-CoV-2.”

difference CIPS With existing vaccines, this new nanomaterial is able to effectively and simultaneously bind to several points, while the new antibodies only bind to a single site in the virus and are less effective. A mutation in the Amicron species It has caused a change in their structure.

Also, this team, carefully in the process of absorption, distribution and metabolism and excretion of CIPS in mice, realized that this substance has high bioavailability and they describe it as follows: “Mice inhale CIPS through nasal drops and after seven days These nanomaterials are almost completely removed from the lungs of rats.”

However, the innovative method for Preventing the spread of all types of corona It should be subjected to clinical trials to understand whether it will be useful and fruitful for humans.

In addition, it should be noted that if this method, for Preventing the spread of all types of corona If implemented, it will be much more economical and less expensive than other methods and will have different applications.

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