The import of the car was supposed to be done in Euro currency but now it is expected according to the news Car import in yuan be possible Stay tuned with Tekrato.

Car import is one of the most challenging debates these days. Before this, the ministry had announced that the import of cars will be completed in the next two weeks. But again, due to problems in the import regulation, the ministry postponed the import. Now the problem Importing cars in yuan instead of euros has been raised

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The possibility of importing cars with yuan

On the 4th of Shahrivar month, the car import approval was announced while the currency sources were considered to be Euro. Although it seemed possible to allocate a budget of one billion euros, but with the passage of time and the failure of Negotiations in the JCPOA This will not be possible.

The possibility of importing cars with yuan

Of course, in the beginning too Allocation of a budget ceiling of one billion euros He faced criticism. Criticisms were raised in the sense that the amount of the considered ceiling is less than the amount that is responsive to the country’s car market and meets the goals related to the law on organizing the automobile industry – on the basis of which this regulation was written.

Another part of the criticism had a different form. These criticisms stated that currently and under the embargo conditions of the country, the car is considered a luxury item and based on the allocation of a budget for its import, it will limit the country’s foreign exchange resources.

Now that the JCPOA negotiations have not reached a conclusion, it seemed that based on the news heard from the Central Bank, this institution will oppose the import of cars. But another solution has been proposed. It has been announced that a Chinese car can be imported into the country in exchange for the export of oil or other goods to China or from the source of foreign currency that Iran previously had in this country.

Another possibility is that the issue of oil is not involved, and the central bank tries to carry out transactions regarding car imports by removing the dollar and euro through the exchange based on the yuan with the rial.

China, Iran’s trade partner in sanctions

Dunyai Ekhtaz newspaper had a conversation with the head of the China-Iran Chamber of Commerce, and we will review some of the points raised in this conversation.

China, Iran's trade partner in sanctions

In this conversation, Majidreza Hariri mentioned the issue of China’s constant imports to Iran. He pointed out: “China is importing separate parts to Iran in the midst of sanctions and while none of the countries have the right to import car parts to Iran; Separate parts include assembled vehicles. He also mentions:

“According to the analysis of such statistics, it does not seem that Iran has surplus oil money in China to import a complete car now.”

Hariri in response to Car import in exchange for export Naft emphasizes that oil is a commodity and it can be sold and other goods can be bought from it, including cars; But for example, if it is said that we give 100,000 barrels of oil and buy a car in return, it depends on the agreements and of course the laws, including the car import regulations.

According to Hariri, this is not a government issue and the necessary agreements should be made between the companies. He emphasizes that the only foreign investors who are active in Iran’s automobile sector are the Chinese, and if they are going to import from this country, they will have good access.

We don’t have a lot of power to choose from the famous brands in the world

Hariri, the head of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce, pointed out in the middle of this conversation:

With the ceiling of 20,000 dollars set for imported cars in the import regulations, we do not have much power to choose between the famous brands of the world.

But most of the cars of new Chinese companies are roughly in the same price range, and the cars in the Iranian market 600 to 700 million tomans They are sold in Chinese markets and have the same price range of 20,000 dollars.

It seems that the road of car import will not be paved for a long time with all the problems that exist now. This is while the spokesperson of the Parliament’s Industries and Mines Commission claimed a few days ago that the import of cars will be implemented in one or two weeks.

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